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(Mando)Cory(Ldr) / May 26, 2014
We have 2 things! 1. We have a new member. Everyone please welcome (Mando)Dancefoevaaa(Pvt)!

Now, promotions!

(Mando) Ghost lead -----> (Moderator)
(Mando) Eucas -----> (Chatmod)
(Mando) KrypticSv(Rct)-----> (Chatmod)

You may notice that these promotions are pretty high but I've known all of these people for a long time and I'm forming up my staff to help run mando.

Now remember. You NEED TO recruit. Rc, Bf2, Sc2, anything.

Original Original Original Original

Hold on, were busy working on the site!

Please be patient!

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